Top 6 Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

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2020 has given a new meaning to the term “staying home.” As many of us are adjusting to working and living in the same space, home updates and DIY projects have risen to the top of our lists- especially in the kitchen. 

Known as the heart of the home, your kitchen is one of the most visited areas in your house. If the end of 2020 has you feeling inspired to change things up a bit, here are 6 design trends that should be on your radar for 2021:

Bold Patterns and Textures

The busier the better when it comes to creating a luxurious statement in your kitchen. Strongly-veined marble and tile-backsplash will continue to storm the style charts in 2021. 

Whether you’re looking to abandon the minimalist trend or thinking of incorporating a fun accent into your kitchen, this trend is a great way to personalize your space. 

Butcher Block Statement Islands

Butcher block will continue to rise in popularity against more traditional stone countertops. Large, statement butcher block islands serve as a unique focal point in the kitchen and are a great option for those who aren’t ready to commit to complete countertops. 

Butcher block kitchen islands are a great project to DIY or you can easily enlist the help of a professional to make your vision come to life. 

Darker Color Palettes 

Black is often overlooked and traditionally labeled strictly as an accent color. However, 2021 is bringing black cabinetry, walls, and work surfaces to the forefront. 

After seeing all-white kitchens stay on the trend lists for years, there’s something impactful about a darker, moodier palette. We’re reframing darker colors as liveable, luxe, and inviting. Expand your color palette with darker accents or furniture like this kitchen, or go all-out by painting your walls. 

Open and Visible Shelving

Opening shelving has taken center stage when it comes to opportunities for interior styling. The growing demand for open shelves and glass cabinets can be attributed to the want for a more curated look. Kitchens that are thoughtfully designed and carefully styled make room for artwork, cookbooks, and other personal touches to achieve an instant lived-in look. 

People are becoming increasingly nostalgic for a more homely and comfortable feel in the kitchen. As a response to more sleek and modern aesthetics, many are drawing inspiration from colorful displays of china and other personal treasures to create a blend between minimalist and maximalist styles. 

Push-Open Cabinetry 

Contemporary designs are taking us in the direction of free-flowing, paired-back looks. Technological advances in push-open cabinets have taken away the need for handles in wall and base cabinetry. Handleless cabinets contribute to 2021’s focus on simplicity and smaller detailing. 

However, if you prefer to hold onto your handles, recessed handles can provide the same sleek look. 

Under-Cabinet and Statement Lighting

After spending the majority of 2020 indoors, it should come as no surprise that our focus is shifting to lighting in 2021. 

Statement and pendant light fixtures have been rising in popularity in recent months. These drop-down lighting fixtures offer plenty of light and a simple way to create a focal point in your kitchen. The wide variety of options allow you to create a unique design element that can be customized to your personal preferences. 

Under-cabinet lighting is also becoming increasingly popular and offers the option for soft light in the evening instead of the usual bright lighting coming from overhead. Under-cabinet lighting is a great option for those looking for more visibility while cooking as well. 

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