About Us

We believe in the beauty of real wood and strive to make decisions that accomplish balance between society’s increasing demands for forest products and the preservation of forest health and diversity.


We Are Your Kind of Butcher Block People

You probably already know that we provide quality and affordable butcher block countertop, desktops and shelving for your home. But, did you know that we deeply believe in what we are doing here? Nestled in the lovely Black Hills of South Dakota, we strive to look at our surroundings and get inspired. We see an oak tree and think of the next amazingly designed kitchen tabletop. We see a stream, and put an epoxy river onto a butcher block desktop.

We take great care, when brainstorming and pitching new ideas, that YOUR happiness be the end result. We consider your remodel needs. We ask ourselves what might cause issue or need extra guidance. We have even jumped up and down on countertops to ensure they will hold up for you. (Don’t do that at home!) Bottom line, your ultimate satisfaction in your home update is our top priority.

We want YOU to benefit from our efforts. We don’t work this hard for nothing! Take advantage of the incredible products we’ve made available and affordable. We get excited for our customers. We want to see your projects. We want to answer your questions. We want to see your pictures. Please, for the love of God, send us your photos! Let us cheer you on! We will share your mad woodworking skills on our social channels and pass them around the office. You’ll have an entire cheer squad from afar.

We will continue to pursue the goal that makes your house a home… high quality wood products. While we enjoy our beautiful surroundings, we want the natural warmth of wood to enhance your everyday life as well. Thank you for choosing us!

(We also love hiking, cheeseburgers, travel and Taylor Swift.)

From The Very Beginning,

Hardwood Reflections has been rooted in the warmth, durability and beauty of the modern butcher block. Our solid wood countertops not only provide sufficient function they also create atmospheric focal points and conversation pieces. Hardwood Reflections Butcher Blocks are very affordable, providing beautiful kitchen and dining experiences for every budget. To respond to tastes of consumers and kitchen designers, our innovative team continues to seek out new species of wood to offer countertops in a full spectrum of colors, textures and customizations.

As pioneers in the butcher block industry, we know we have an important responsibility when it comes to forest sustainability. We rely on our sustainable principles to accomplish balance between society’s increasing demands for forest products and benefits, and the preservation of forest health and diversity. This balance is critical to the survival of forests, and to the prosperity of forest-dependent communities. Because of these philosophies, we utilize modern technologies to significantly improve our methods of harvesting, replanting, fabrication and manufacturing.

Wood, unlike many other materials, has the ability to age gracefully. Hardwood Reflections Butcher Blocks takes on the hard wear and tear of everyday life head on. Our solid hardwood countertops can be repaired without special techniques or a skilled craftsman and can return to looking as beautiful as ever. Research has also proven that wood actually contains antimicrobial compounds. Hardwood Reflections Butcher Block products are sold around the world, to people who recognize and value these qualities.