Nine Work From Home Desk Ideas & Design Inspirations

​The spring of 2020 will forever be remembered as the season we were first sent home to work.

Everything came to a standstill and we attempted to work without a dedicated room to call an office. We made do and found a corner, an old desk, or an extra table. And now, here we are eight months later and that not-much-of-an-office space is still being used heavily.

The problems most make-do (read emergency) work from home desk spaces can be solved with a DIY desk build!

  • The table doesn’t have any storage and the mountains of paperwork are becoming landmines.
  • The old desk is boring and uncomfortable making it hard to sit at for an honest day’s work.
  • Or maybe it’s was meant to be a temporary space in another living area and is now more permanent and needs to match your style.

Either way, we’ve pulled together nine unique home office desks and office space ideas to strike up some inspiration for decluttering, renovating, and stylizing your work from home experience.


1. The River Runs Through It

Say it with style with the new and upcoming style trend of epoxy river tabletops.

Saman River Table Butcher Blocks from Hardwood Reflections exclusively at The Home Depot

Saman River Table Butcher Blocks from Hardwood Reflections exclusively at The Home Depot

2. Standing Desks

Studies have shown that sitting at a desk all day is not good for your body. Switch things up with a standing desk.

Hardwood Reflections Live Edge Acacia on a standing desk base.

Hardwood Reflections Birch on a standing desk base.

3. A Change of Color

Visit your local Home Depot Paint specialist to pick your new desk color and get tips for refinishing and revitalizing that old worn looking desk you found for a discount at a thrift store. Add some contrasting pulls to really make the new color sing.

With a few style tricks, you can turn a cast-off piece of furniture into a colorful beauty.

Photo by Thomas J. Story on Sunset

This desk is now a wonderful new addition to a small household, where storage was really needed!

Photo by Kristen on Timeless Creations

4. Hide and Seek

Look to build or install a space-saving wall-mounted desk. They open to reveal storage shelves perfect for organizing mail, bills, and more plus the flat space provides room to write. And when your work is done, fold it back up to reclaim your space.

This unit can be closed when not in use, hiding away laptops and books.

Photo by qvc.com

Short on space? A wall-mountable, folding desk offers an ideal solution.

Photo by combined-office.co.uk

5. Conquer and Divide

In need of a dual workspace? Consider transforming a bookcase into double desk or spanning a long wall to make two or more desks in the same space.

Using a desk and a bookcase, this set up allows for two people to work closely but with some degree of privacy.

Photo by Apartment Therapy

Use Hardwood Reflections excellent span advantage and make two desks out of one piece of Butcher Block.

Photo by hgtv.com

6. Just Add Some Legs

Time to get creative with odds and ends. Look for iron pipe, scrap wood, pallets — sometimes even a couple of file cabinets will do the trick — top them with a beautiful species of Hardwood Reflections Butcher Block and you have an instant desk worthy of your new work from home position.

Make a statement by pairing unfinished wood with black pipes and fittings.

Blog post by simplifiedbuilding.com

Attach hairpin legs to a Hardwood Reflections butcher block slab for a mid-century modern-inspired piece of furniture that looks straight out of a catalog.

Photo by Thomas J. Story on Sunset

7. Tucked Away in the Closet

Sometimes the extra space you have is a closet in a room that is being underutilized. Remove the doors and create a built in that suites your purpose. Or leave the doors on and tuck your work away for another day.

Get the storage you need and the style you want!

Photo by The Cofran Home on Home Talk

Closets make great work spaces or craft areas.

Photo by Melanie on Making It In The Mitten

8. Give Your Office some POP

Consider going bold with a bright wall color to define your office space.

Add a colorful backdrop to your workspace by painting pegboard.

Photo by mothball charlie on flickr

A focus wall adds a unique feel to your defined office space.

Photo by westbuild.com

9. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Floating shelves, office décor and personalized pictures are a great way to customize your space to fit your style.

The addition of Butcher Block floating shelves gives you plenty of room to display your favorites.

Photo by tuvannhadep.com.vn

Utilize adjustable storage to contain all that belongs in your work space.

10. Love where you work!

We’ve seen hundreds of DIY desks with Hardwood Reflections countertops that are making the days better in home offices around the world. If you’ve built an elaborate or simple design, we’d love to celebrate it with you! Use #HardwoodReflections or @HardwoodReflections in your post.

Happy Working!



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