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The best place to start with any refund or product return questions is to contact the store or website where you purchased your Hardwood Reflections Butcher Block product. The Home Depot Customer Service teams are great!

If you have other questions not answered in the FAQ section, please use the form below and we’ll respond via email. Our customer service team responds within 1 business day Monday – Friday excluding holidays.


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Can I place an order for a customized piece or can Hardwood Reflections cut this for me?

If you are ordering a Hardwood Reflections butcher block online, we are not able to customize the butcher blocks. However, we have had many customers cut the butcher block to meet their needed size themselves using any saw of choice. If you purchased your butcher block in store, ask the department manager if they provide this service. If you choose to cut the butcher block yourself, a new 60 tooth circular saw blade is recommended.

Are the edges smooth finished or are they rough?

All species of Hardwood Reflections Butcher Blocks can be altered to meet your desires with machines or routers. The edges of our Birch, European Alder, and Live-Edge Acacia Butcher Blocks are beautifully made smooth with a 1/8” eased edge.  The Ash, Walnut, Sapele and Beech Hardwood Reflections Butcher Blocks have a 90-degree edge.

Can you use an undermount sink?

Absolutely! An under mount sink works great with any Hardwood Reflections butcher block. Make sure you treat the wood on the interior of where the sink will set with five to six coats of a food safe lacquer or spar urethane, paying close attention to completely covering the end grain.

Is staining and sealing necessary?

YES sealing your block is necessary! To help keep your block looking great for years, we highly recommend sealing  within three (3) days of unpacking it with either a urethane or an oil finish.  Staining will only change the color and is optional depending on your taste. We also recommend our Gel Stain Top Coat as a finish to your stained butcher block. Although sealing is not required, we very much recommended it. If you do not seal the wood, it will more than likely dry out and could crack. If you choose to seal with an oil finish, we suggest following the Rule of 7 for the initial application of the oil finish — once a day for 7 days, once a week for 7 months, and then once a month for 7 months. After the initial application of the oil finish, periodic maintenance applications of oil, 1-2 times a year, will be needed when your block seems to be drying out. Sealing oils may include danish oil, mineral oil, tung oil, linseed oil, etc. You may find that certain oils like the danish oil will need less frequent applications.

Are These Butcher Blocks completely solid?

All Hardwood Reflections butcher blocks are 100% solid wood. There are no voids or fillers.

Is it safe to cut this for a DIY project?

Yes, it is very safe and easy to cut any of the Hardwood Reflections butcher blocks with your saw of choice. We do, however, recommend using a new 60 tooth saw blade for best results.

Is there a way to repair a dent in my butcher block ?

Removing a dent from our butcher blocks is easy! Whether you’ve dropped a heavy object on the butcher block or a dent occurred during delivery or installation, following this 3-step process to remove a dent in your butcher block is easy.


Are your stains FDA approved for food preparation?

No, not at this time. If you want a food-safe sealant we suggest you use mineral oil.

Can Hardwood Reflection butcher blocks be used outdoors?

While outdoor use was not the intended purpose for our blocks, we know that it has been done!

The key here is to seal the block so that the elements do not get inside. This causes the wood to warp. Rain, sun, snow and humidity are elements that you need to take into consideration when placing the wood outdoors. We are wood experts, but not necessarily seal experts. This would be a good question for the paint specialists at Home Depot. We assume that they would recommend a Spar Urethane or Marine grade seal of some sort.

I have a project in mind, but I’m not sure how to proceed …

Check out our gallery and tutorials sections on this website! We have gathered lots of information to better familiarize you with our product and all the countless possibilities that can be created from it. Be sure to check out our YouTube videos as well!

We are committed to keeping as much product knowledge as possible at your fingertips!

Can I Order a Custom Piece?

Hardwood Reflections does not handle custom jobs. However, we have had many customers cut the butcher block to meet their needed size themselves using any saw of choice. If you purchased your butcher block in store, ask the department manager if they provide this service If you choose to cut the butcher block yourself, we strongly suggest a new blade … 60 tooth circular saw blade is recommended.