How to Make Clutter-Free Kitchen Counters a Reality

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It’s amazing how quickly countertops and other flat surfaces can accumulate clutter.  Papers, keys, random kids’ toys, and those little odds and ends that you just don’t know what to do with can easily take over your counter spaces.  Not only does it look chaotic, but it also feels chaotic.  All of that extra clutter makes it difficult to fully enjoy your butcher block countertops and your kitchen as a whole. 

We all know that taking a few minutes to declutter your countertops will save you time and energy in the long run. A clutter-free home is a relaxing, efficient, and enjoyable home. You may be surprised how clearing a little clutter from your butcher block kitchen counters can completely transform your space, making future cleaning and meal preparation so much easier. 

Here are 6 easy ways to make clutter-free kitchen counters a reality: 

1. Maximize Existing Storage Space

It’s difficult to clear the clutter if you don’t have an alternative space for it. It’s time to take a look at how you can maximize your existing storage space for those items that don’t have a home. Organize your clutter into things to toss and things to keep. Be sure to closely evaluate everything you’ve decided to keep to ensure that it’s truly needed. If an item is staying on your countertop, it should be an item that you use every day. Smaller appliances and other items that are only used on a weekly/monthly basis should ideally be stored in easy-access cabinets. Seasonal items can be stored in the back of pantries or on your higher shelves. You may be surprised by how much storage space you find in your own kitchen after some thoughtful rearranging! 

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2. The “One In, One Out” Rule

Every clutter-free kitchen has a plan in place to keep it that way. Just because your kitchen countertops are clutter-free today, doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way tomorrow. The “one in, one out” rule is a great way to maintain a more organized space. For every new thing that you bring into the kitchen, something else has to get taken out. This easy rule is a great way to maintain an organizational strategy that’s simple and sustainable. 

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3. Don’t Put it Down, Put it Away

If you’re familiar with Marie Kondo’s book on tidying, one essential pillar of her philosophy is that everything you own should have a designated spot. Nothing should be left to your own storage whims. 

This philosophy is essential when establishing habits for a clutter-free kitchen. When you find yourself putting something down on your countertops, put it in its designated spot instead. Is it dirty? Put it in the dishwasher. Is it new? Put it in the refrigerator or pantry. Is it not supposed to be in the kitchen at all? (Looking at you, gym bag and winter coat!) Take it out of the kitchen and put it in its designated spot. 

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4. Find Alternatives to the Pile

With the exception of curated open-shelves, most things in piles/stacks can’t pass as decoration. This is especially true when it comes to pans, pot lids, small appliances, trash bags, and crayons.

Turn your piles into pleasant areas. Consider hanging pots and pans on the wall or overhead. Store extra food processor blades on magnetic knife strips, and hang trash bags on a roller in the pantry.  

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5. Tackle Mail and Loose Papers

This is a big problem area for many of us. From the constant stream of junk mail and children’s school papers, it’s easy to let these items pile up on your kitchen countertops. But what can you do with the items that don’t immediately get sent to the recycling bin?

If you have mail or papers that you need to hold onto for reference purposes, it’s important to find a spot for them so they don’t pile up. While it doesn’t always make sense to put temporary papers in filing cabinets, try making a folder that can be stored in a desk drawer for papers that you need to hang onto for a short period of time. 

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6. Let Yourself Have One Messy Drawer

Let’s face it: Not every kitchen is entirely clutter-free. While every good diet needs a cheat day, every clutter-free kitchen needs a cheat spot. Allowing yourself a free-for-all place to stash something until you’ve found a better location for it is totally okay. The key to keeping a messy drawer in a clutter-free kitchen is being intentional about where the drawer is located. Choose one drawer, but don’t let it spill into the whole cabinet. 

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Have a tip you’d like to share? Drop a comment below! 



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