Hevea Butcher Block

Imagine a beautiful, classic butcher block countertop in your home. One that gets people talking and is durable enough to last you for generations. Hevea hardwood counters are customizable to fit your space and give you the look and feel of a professionally completed project at a fraction of the cost.

Check out the details on how our customers have used Hevea butcher blocks as desktops, kitchen counters, bartops, craft tables, and laundry room folding tables.


Hevea Butcher Block Grain Close UP

Feature Hevea in Your Home

  • Make your kitchen a major attraction
  • Any size space because Hevea is totally customizable. Cut or join!
  • Construct a table for a charming breakfast nook
  • Wow your neighbors with a new workbench
  • Design an indoor bar

The Possibilities are Endless with a Product as Adaptive as Hevea Butcher Block!

Hardwood Reflections available Butcher Block choices just expanded to include a beautiful, naturally light-colored, easily customizable Hevea!

Hevea Butcher Block Grain Close UP

What You Can do with Hevea Butcher Block

  • Achieve a crisp, clean remodel
  • Add functional flow to your home
  • Create a custom work desk in 4 hours time
  • Add warmth to an outdated room

Hevea Countertops are Available
Unfinished or Pre-Finished.

Our unfinished countertop gives you freedom to customize your piece or the pre-finished with UV stain making the rest of your project cleaner, easier and faster to start using your space.

The hevea can be beautifully customized with any color of stain that matches your design ideas. So pick a color that works for your space and let Heavea Butcher Block do the rest. Remember that wood is a product of nature – the allure of a pure wood product is that no two grain patterns, textures or colors are identical. Wood will also change with time, gradually responding to its environment and aging with beauty.

For our butcher block products we use only 100% hardwood with no fillers.

Pre-Finished Desktop Sizes Make DIY Desks Easy

Reasons Why We Love Hevea Butcher Block with UV Stain Pre-Finished Desktops!

1. Hevea with the prefinished UV stain is a strong and durable surface that you can use straight out of the packaging as opposed to its unfinished sister product that will need a 48-hour or longer drying period to be ready for writing.

2. The organic quality of the wood allows each desktop to be unique with different grains, colors, and patterns across all boards.

3. Hevea is known for its density and brings the warmth of wood to all of your workdays.

4. It is also a renewable plantation hardwood species, known for being planet-friendly.

More about Hevea Species

Hevea wood, which comes from the maple family and has a strong grain, is known as the most environmentally friendly material in today’s DIY and home renovation industry.

Hevea is harvested after it has completed its latex-producing cycle and has died, unlike other woods.

Hevea Butcher Block Details

Hevea is a hard, durable and dynamic species of hardwood that’s always a smart choice for new projects or remodels. It’s known for its density and brings the warmth of wood in all its splendor to your remodel. It’s also a renewable plantation hardwood species, known for being planet-friendly.

Countertops are made of solid wood staves which are finger-jointed and edge-glued for a classic butcher block look.

  • Order your Hevea from HomeDepot.com and have it shipped for store pickup
  • Kitchen Island Size in Unfinished Hevea is available (6 ft. 2 in. L x 3 ft. 3 in. D x 1.5 in. T)
  • Pre-Finished Desk Sizes cut time and budget in half for new butcher block custom desks
  • Pre-Finished Hevea does not require any further sealing product
  • Pre-Finished Hevea is a UV stain that offers spill protection for easy wipe-up 
  • Pre-Finished Hevea should not be cut or trimmed to size

Hevea Butcher Block Options & Details

Unfinished Product Length:
4′  6′  8′  10′

Pre-finished UV Stain Product Lengths:
4′   5′

Unfinished Edge Type: Square

Pre-Finished Edge Type: Eased Edge


Countertop type: Available in 25″ depth in unfinished countertop. Available in 30″ desk width for Finished UV Stain

Thickness: 1.5in