Butcher Block Countertops Compared to Granite Countertops

If you’re looking for a kitchen countertop that is both beautiful and budget-friendly, butcher block may be a perfect choice. But be forewarned: most Butcher Block Countertops are made of wood veneer glued to plywood or particleboard and can come in many different colors. This really limits your customization options and they may not last as long as you hoped for. When you shop for 100% Hardwood Butcher Blocks, they are much more durable, easy to install, extremely customizable and affordable. If you enjoy DIY projects, then installing your own butcher block counters will not only save money but also give you the satisfaction of knowing how much time and effort went into this project!

Butcher blocks offer an alternative to granite when it comes to kitchen countertops. This article compares them side by side so that readers can make informed decisions about which type they prefer before starting their next DIY project.

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Butcher Block Countertops are a Popular Choice for Many Homeowners

Solid wood Hardwood Reflections Butcher Block Countertops are a popular choice because they are not only easy to install but also come in many different wood species and can be finished to meet the look of the dream kitchen.

Unlike our competitors, our butcher block countertops are made of 100% hardwood which makes cutting custom sizes easy and rounding edges for a finished look possible. Other brands are veneer and composite or pressed wood or a thin piece of real wood with plywood below. Hardwood Reflections Butcher block countertops and DIYers go together like peas and carrots!

Butcher Block Countertops are More Affordable than Granite, but they Have their Own Set of Pros andCons

Like granite countertops, butcher block needs maintenance in order to maximize its life.


Unlike granite countertops, butcher block can be repaired if it becomes overused, stained, burnt, or scratched.

DIYers likely don’t have stone cutters which makes them hard to work with. Butcher Block is DIY-friendly. With a few tools, some easy DIY steps countertops can be installed in large and small spaces easily. There is no need to hire a contractor when using butcher block.

Customize the Color and Pattern of Your Butcher Block Countertop

Countertops come in many different colors and textures, which is great for those who want to add some personality into their kitchen. Butcher block has an affordable price tag when compared with granite countertops and as creative as you need it to be!

Choose from our growing line of wood species and edge finishes! The most popular option is Birch and the most creative option is Acacia. Looking for a darker countertop? Check out the EU Walnut for a naturally darker design.

Our Butcher Block Gallery is full of examples and our Butcher Block Species Guide is helpful resource too.

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Butcher Block is Easy to Clean

Granite and butcher block share a common trait with cleaning the surface. Don’t use harsh chemicals, acidic cleaners, or abrasive scrubbing tools! A butcherblock surface that is food safe (able to be safely used as a cutting board) and finished in mineral oil can be cleaned with warm water and a dishwashing soap making sure to whip up excess water so it doesn’t pool and drown the wood. A countertop sealed with polyurethane has less chance to soak up excess water.

Granite can require a special stone cleaner to maintain the gloss. Here’s what Bob Vila recommends
Granite has been known for being hard to clean in some instances

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Butcher Block Can Be Restored if Damaged

With a butcher block countertop, you are able to restore it if damaged. Butcher blocks that have been sealed with a mineral oil finish can be restored by washing off the layer of mineral oil, and sanding out the dent, stain or blemish.

Butcher block sealed with a polyurethane topcoat should use a poly remover following the manufacturer’s directions and then sand to restore the damage.

We have a Hardwood Reflections Restore Tutorial here.

Granite doesn’t offer these same easy options when it comes to repair!

Butcher Block is the Best Value

When you compare the cost for Butcher Block to granite, we believe that it’s a great value!

The average price of butcher block countertop for a 4′ piece is $150USD. Then consider that you can easily prep and finish butcher block within 48 hours and then install them by yourself with some tools and at-home skills in just an afternoon or two!

Compare this to granite which costs more, is less readily available, and requires a professional installer and you’ve never felt so good about using butcher block in your project!

Countertops are an investment and they take up a lot of surface area so you’ll want them to look good for years to come! If budget, repair, and value are important to you, Butcher Block is your best choice!


Gel Stains for Butcher Block Customization

With six colors to choose from you can easily customize your Butcher Block Countertop with your favorite stain color. Hardwood Reflections Gel Stains are designed specifically for butcher block or other interior wood products that require a very high-end finish for an area of heavy use.

Build an Acacia LIVE EDGE Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Learn how to add a unique look to your kitchen countertop or island with Hardwood Reflections Acacia LIVE EDGE Butcher Block. Live Edge means the characteristics of the outside of the tree are on the edge of the butcher block and will go in and out up to a half of an inch. In this video, you will learn how to turn our Acacia Island Top Butcher Block into a DIY table by utilizing pre-drilled holes for legs, and finish with mineral oil to make a food safe DIY Table Top. These also work great in the kitchen and can be made into beautiful Food Safe Grade Butcher Block Counter Tops!

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