6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Butcher Block Countertops

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Butcher block, which consists of fusing together individual wooden stripes to create a sleek slab, is a versatile and popular material for kitchen countertops. Listed below are 6 reasons why you should choose butcher block for your home:

1. Timeless Styles

Known for their physical durability, the timeless styles of butcher block countertops can easily adapt to farmhouse and modern kitchens alike. When properly sealed and maintained, butcher block countertops are able to last for 20 years or longer. This is a major advantage over laminate countertops, which typically only last around 10-15 years before a replacement is needed, and puts butcher block on-par with granite in terms of longevity.

2. They’re Fully-Customizable

Unlike other options, butcher block allows you to fully customize the hue and pattern of your countertops with the wide selection of wood type and grain available. With each option lending a distinct color and character, butcher block is an excellent choice for a modern and sustainable home.

Choosing Butcher Block from Hardwood Reflections

3. Get Creative

While we love to see butcher block in one of its traditional roles, applying it to an unconventional base can be totally unexpected and rewarding! Use them outside the kitchen in places like your laundry room, office, or bathroom to give your space some extra warmth and character.

4. Live Edge Countertops Available

No other material can compete when it comes to the natural warmth and beauty of wood countertops. Live edge wood slabs have grown in popularity due to the rich color tones, knots, and wood grain patterns that are exposed with a live edge. A live edge countertop is easy to DIY and makes a great replacement for stone.

Live Edge Acacia from Hardwood Reflections

This Live Edge Acacia makes a stunning Table and Bench combo.

5. Can Be Used for Other Projects Around the Home

Depending on how much material you have leftover, you can use the excess for other projects around your home! Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

    • Dining table
    • Kitchen island (make it mobile by putting it on casters!)
    • Floating shelves
    • Cutting board
    • Serving platter
    • Cake display
    • Laundry room folding area
    • Standing desk
    • Coffee or end tables

6. Budget-Friendly

For handy homeowners, a DIY butcher block countertop is a great idea if you’re looking for cost-effective renovation ideas. Creating these countertops simply entails cutting sheets of wood down to size with a circular saw, creating designated holes for sinks and other fixtures, and mounting the segments over a cabinet with screws.

When it comes to butcher blocks, you don’t have to compromise on quality for cost. Hardwood Reflections is the cost-effective choice that’s exclusively available at Home Depot both in-store and online in the United States and get butcher block online in Canada.


Gel Stains for Butcher Block Customization

With six colors to choose from you can easily customize your Butcher Block Countertop with your favorite stain color. Hardwood Reflections Gel Stains are designed specifically for butcher block or other interior wood products that require a very high-end finish for an area of heavy use.

Build an Acacia LIVE EDGE Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Learn how to add a unique look to your kitchen countertop or island with Hardwood Reflections Acacia LIVE EDGE Butcher Block. Live Edge means the characteristics of the outside of the tree are on the edge of the butcher block and will go in and out up to a half of an inch. In this video, you will learn how to turn our Acacia Island Top Butcher Block into a DIY table by utilizing pre-drilled holes for legs, and finish with mineral oil to make a food safe DIY Table Top. These also work great in the kitchen and can be made into beautiful Food Safe Grade Butcher Block Counter Tops!

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